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  • In ESSAAR Group..

    we are committed to High level Monitoring solution on a real-time basis.

    Hence we bridge the gap between disparate system to provide a global view of goods execution and keep track of your shipment, wherever it is in the world.

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  • In ESSAAR Group, we focus on.

    Innovation in Work-strategies, Cost-reduction, Value-proposition and Ethical-parameters with our Employee and Clients.

  • Network Strength

    The kind of business we are in, strong network plays big role in it, hence we are committed to build this.

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People who work sincerely are happiest ...

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Why work with us?

Our Vission

  • Ethical business practice is the only vision set for entire business life-cycle.

Our Mission

  • Meet demand and supply of the market according to timeline.
  • Maintain superior quality of goods always.
  • Focus on expansion of distribution network co-ordination.
Essaar Group is very functional and enabled in meeting clients criteria. Our only biggest achievement is co-ordinations with the clients and make our business partnership a fruitful outcome during odd or even situation.